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July In Summary


Hello! I can’t believe we are in August already. Just where did all the time go? Its like after I got married, time just flew by. The years started getting shorter and shorter, and in a blink of an eye 2016 is ending all too soon.

And my baby boy is now 1 year old and growing. He is starting to have his wants and needs, and it’s a little distracting working from home + having a bored little one at home. He walks around, demands for food, dances, watches TV and disturbs our dog (a whole lot). But it is all funny and good. When I feel like my head is about to explode, I go give him a hug and disturb him a little.

So…what have I been doing, let’s see:

Upgraded Myself And Took Night Classes

I made use of Skillsfuture credit (I love our government for things like this), took night illustration classes for 3 months and passed! I’m a self-taught photoshop user, and felt something was lacking after about 2 years of self-teaching. I got put graphics together, but I could never create them from ground zero. So, I got my lazy arse down to actually doing something about it.

I tell you…for doing night classes, the whole village was activated. T had to make it a point to come home on time from work, and on certain days, Z had to sleep over at my mother-in-law’s place. It wasn’t all that difficult previously when I was married and childless. These days you think about all these kiddo arrangements, and work around their schedule instead.

Now that I’ve completed my course, I have a couple of work lined up, yay!

Sunday Morning Celebrations Retail Store

This is going to be one major project for me this month. I think half the work is done with deciding what retail structures to bring in, the size, colours etc. I’m not retail trained so it is a trial-and-error for me most of the time for what we do at the shop. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes it’s a miss. That is the thing about being a one man show, sort of.

Hopefully the structures go up next week, and I shall share a photo of the new shop!

Improvements To The House

Battling with broken pieces

Really in a blink of an eye, we have been living in our flat for coming 2 years. Things have started falling apart such as our backyard door, toilet light, toilet tiles, leaking air-con, and unsightly stains on our kitchen top.

I’m also battling with ants, I don’t know where they come from? That is a whole lot of ants and I have monitored them for awhile. They come out to play when there is nobody at home and when there are food pieces around. And they disperse super fast, returning to their hole.

I was quite at my wits end until I realised there is such a thing called ant poison. I’m still learning how to manage my household.

Family wall

My family wall project is almost completed after several months. I had the idea to put up a family wall of photos, went to Ikea to purchase photo frames, then realised I had no photos to put into them. This was in February. We stored the frames into the store room until I had a good supply of pictures. I manage to get good photos from our trip to Perth (March), Z’s birthday (July), and a family photo shoot (August). I’m almost done.

Revamp my working room

My next project is to revamp my working room. Currently it holds SMC’s stocks and this will change after August. I will shift the goods to our warehouse, and this will free up space. I will create a happy, bright and joyful working corner for Z to enjoy, colour, draw, build and do whatever he wants to inside this room with me. I’ve embarked on sourcing for cute children furnishing (not the easiest task).

I will be kept busy for the rest of the year in the family department. These days the best thing for me is to sit and do nothing all day, can’t wait 😉

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