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Mummy Diaries: Night Updates


Hi there! I can barely breathe from being a mum. It’s 12:30am now and I have just completed some work. I really enjoy this time of the day when it’s quiet and peaceful because the little one is asleep.

Oh a daily basis, I try to get work done in the day but end up facing a screaming + crying toddler wanting to enter my home office. I look at my computer, and that sad face, let out a sigh and walk over to pick him up. He wins all the time. And at the back of my mind I go… OMG, how am I to complete my work.

Tonight, I drove from Bukit Panjang to home, about 30 minutes ride with a screaming + crying toddler. He was so frustrated he pulled really hard on my helper’s hand and bit her. Sigh.

I’m really starting to filter out the yelling. I turned up the volume of the radio and sang away, it helps.

Anyway, back to my nights. They are the best time to do work because I’m super efficient. No demanding little one, no one to pop up last minute request, no need to pack his bags because we are going out, no more checking of food bag to ensure there is hot water, snacks and proper utensils, no need to check on poop and little boy parts.

Man, its good. It’s just me by myself, my computer and wine. This silence, it’s been awhile friend.

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