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Project: Created A Photo Frame Wall & Installed Glass Decals


I finally completed my photo frame family wall! It took me a long time from buying of photo frames (March 2016), choosing photos and developing photos (July/August), and putting it onto the wall end August.

My life is broken down into small projects these days. Sometimes, I try to rush through my chores and I get super frustrated by the end of the day, really unhealthy. I think most of us forget to live in the moment, and after a couple of days rushing through things, you feel so burn out and wonder what’s it for.

So, there are days when my work is in progress, my work station I leave it as WIP (messy). I’m done worrying about small things like this ( yeah, right).

Take for example this wall. I drew the size of these frames on paper, had them cut out, and stuck them on the wall. They were there for a few days and I got annoyed. I rushed to get the frames, and realised I don’t have photos. So, I ended up leaving those unsightly paper on the wall. And I was annoyed the entire time. But how am I supposed to create memories or photos with a snap of the finger? So I waited, and while waiting these frames sat on my table, and I was annoyed.

Anyhow it’s done. Then I got pressured into doing up glass decals for my kitchen door because I had 1 adult guest knock walk right into it. It freaked me out, so I had the glass decal done on adult eye level.

Lo and behold,  Z walked RIGHT into it. He was left confused in the aftermath, no crying, just held his head for the next few minutes wondering like what was that?


So, I rushed to get decals. Now we have adult decals and cute ice cream children decals.

Well, life is a journey, enjoy yours too 🙂

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