Leofoo Resort Guanshi

We visited Leofoo Village and stayed at their resort for 4D3N after T ended work in Taipei City.

I have read and heard many reviews that the price for the accommodation isn’t worth the visit. However, in view that Z really loves animals, and truthfully, this isn’t an experience we can get in Singapore, we went ahead to make the booking.

I booked at the very last minute as this trip wasn’t something we planned for. Z and I were tagalongs, so I’m sure we did not get the best pricing for our accommodation. We paid about SGD250/night for the non-prime rooms.

Transport from Taipei City

There are a few options from Taipei City to Leofoo Village, but we went ahead with the taxi because 1 active toddler (14kg) and 2 pieces of luggage (add up 40kg) is no joke. I understand via bus, each person pays about 200TWD at most – we checked with the receptionist at the hotel we were housed in.

— Via Taxi —

In view that we were going to cab to Leofoo, T asked every taxi driver what’s the price from city to Leofoo Village. He came back with 4 quotes – 1,500TWD, 2,000TWD, 2,000TWD and 2,500TWD.

This tells us that 2,000TWD is probably accurate as we are aware that 1,500TWD is the usual quote from Taipei City to Taoyuan Airport, which takes 30 minutes. Therefore, it can’t be anything lower than 1,500TWD.

While I was thinking in the box, you know, follow rules, T took a different spin, he asked to go by the meter. The hotel quoted us 2,500TWD (because it is their policy) and did not quite know how to reply when T asked to go by the meter. If you are curious, we went by the meter and the price works out to 1,900TWD – therefore, 2,000TWD is a fair price.

The journey took us about 45 minutes with good traffic. Before we left, the receptionist said it will take 1h30mins, therefore the 2,500TWD price.

Leofoo Resort Guanshi

Check-in time is strictly 3 pm, nothing earlier. The resort visitors made up mainly Singaporeans, Hong Kongers and a small group of Taiwanese. We arrived at 2:45 pm, and it was super cold. Luckily they have a refreshment corner – Ginger Tea, kids play tent, and the reception area overlooked the animal compound. It kept Z super busy!

— Zebra and Giraffe Wing —

The Giraffe Wing is positioned or appears to be the better of two due to its close proximity to the rhinos and giraffes. There is also a price difference (about double the price or more) of rooms facing inwards, which overlook the enclosure, and rooms on the outer side of the building. We stayed in the ‘less prime’ of the wings, and with the room facing the smaller enclosure. The smaller enclosure on the Zebra wing faces the alpaca/lama (?), goats, sheeps and lemur.


We were housed in room 321, which faces the Lemur resting area. It also happens to be the area where the goats and sheep like to rest in the afternoon. After speaking to the receptionist, she said that the best rooms will be those ending with 22 and 23 – that is, for example, 322, 323, 522, 523 etc.

I thought 321 wasn’t that bad either, in view that we were in close proximity to the goats and sheeps.

— Free activities —




There are also free activities available at the resort. We went for the introduction to animals (in Chinese only), parrot feeding and the high-energy drums welcome performance. Each activity kept Z entertained for about 20 minutes or so. They also have available bedtime story reading at 8 pm, in Chinese only, but we never made it because Z either slept early or we had late dinner.

For the paid activities we did not attend any because we felt it was a replicate of what we could do in Leofoo Theme Park such as feeding the animals, up-close with the Safari Animals etc. These paid activities were mainly for people who did not intend to visit the theme park. We also visited the Lion King Game Room on Day 1 just to explore and see what’s available to do at night. The Lion King Game Room had a small play corner, arts n craft activities (paid) for children, and at check-in, we received two complimentary coupons to take our family photo.

— Room Interior —

I only had one issue with the room – the walls are too thin. I can hear the next door neighbour speaking, even when they weren’t raising their voice. When children from above ran around, and when anyone speaks, I can hear clearly what their conversation is about. I’m able to accept the room condition because I came mentally prepared – it’s equivalent to a chalet standard. Things looked worn, but it isn’t dirty.


Before departing Taipei City, I was asking T if I should buy fruits, milk, bread and cakes just in case, you know. Well, the answer is yes, I would in future. I ended up stashing away some fresh milk from morning breakfast. They had only two restaurants – buffet style at 900TWD/pax, free for below 3 or the other restaurant which serves a la carte. The main dishes were pasta and fried rice. I couldn’t stomach any more pasta or fried rice on the 3rd day.



T asked if we will be visiting again, I said yes.

Will I choose to stay in the prime rooms? Maybe not. We had many morning encounters with the giraffe as it tends to wander to the bridge in the morning to scratch its head. So, its a feat to say we touched a giraffe’s head!

Next post will be on Leofoo Theme Park!

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